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Port Adelaide face challenges to remain competitive with other AFL clubs despite a 2007 profit of almost $930,000, Power president Greg Boulton says.

Port on Thursday announced a consolidated profit this year of $927,626 – more than $578,000 higher than last year’s profit.

Boulton described this year’s profit as a good result but warned there was still a lot of work to be done.

The profit was underpinned by a 20 per cent rise in corporate revenue, increased funds through the AFL’s media rights arrangement and lower injury payments, he said.

“We must identify new revenue streams independent of football and our success to keep driving our business forward,” Boulton said.

“We are up against clubs continually posting profits of $1 million to $5 million and, in order to remain competitive, we must be able to invest in football, this is a real challenge for us.”

Boulton said Port’s net asset position remained strong at $5.3 million.


With the 07 national draft finished, and the Power making profit, i thought this would be a great time to start a power blog.

A 930k profit is a very very good result, and would put a lot of smiles at the club and supporters. It shows we are heading in the right direction and next year we should be at the million mark. Credit should be given to John James and the board for this good news.

Now as we gear into 2008, let’s take a look at the draftees.
#16 – Matthew Lobe (Low-Be!) – 20yo (in 08), KP Forward/Ruck, 197cm, 80kg, Eastern Rangers
An early and ‘surprise’ pick, which is expected given the history of the Power’s draft. An agile forward with a good overhead mark and someone who can pitch in the ruck and models his game around Nick Riewoldt. A Nick Riewoldt would be a nice fit for the club, considering how many years Tredrea has left in him.

From the trainings he’s now had with the Power, the news reports say he is a very very good runner and pushed Kane Cornes in a running time trial. While it’s nice to know he has good endurance, i’d rather read and watch news reports of him out marking Tredrea and Westhoff or out muscling them. Sure, Choco likes those hard running all day players, but with him being projected as a 3rd rounder in the mock drafts and knowing he has good endurance, it just makes you wonder if he turns out into Damon White. However, knowing their very good draft history, i’m sure the club knows what they’re doing.

#28 – Marlon Motlop, 19yo, midfielder/small forward, 179 cm, 75 kg, Wanderers FC
My guess is that he has lots of talent, silky smooth hands, exhilarating speed and the ability to turn a game around just like his cousin Daniel. The pick of Marlon has brought some disappointments into Power fans, as they thought we should’ve gotten Levi Greenwood who plays for the Port Magpies. In the humiliating lost in the grand final we were pushed around and beaten too easily for the ball and it was clear that we needed some bodied players and maybe a few hard nuts. Levi is a hard bodied nut who’s ready to go and compete at AFL level and has been compared to Michael Wilson. Because of this, it got some Power fans fuming on why we picked Marlon instead of Greenwood? What makes you wonder is that, what if Levi had not played for the Magpies… he’d be some unknown who most Power fans probably won’t even consider having on this team. That said, Levi ended up being drafted in the third round in a draft considerably weaker than last years, so he wasn’t really rated as a ‘caliber’ player.

With Marlon, he injuries has effectively kept him quiet in the draft, and before injury he was touted as a top 10 draft pick. So knowing that, it makes me feel the good in which he was a steal at pick 28, but it also makes me feel the bad that he COULD be an injury-prone much like his cousin. Best case scenario i guess would be that he ends up like a Harvey/Grant type player and worst case scenario is that he’d end up like his cousin, which is all good.

#33 – Matthew Westhoff, 21yo, KP Forward/KP Defender, 198cm, 80kg, Central Districts
Matty is the brother of our first year phenom Justin. With the draftage of Marlon and Matt, it shows that the club has gone for a family theme and hope for it’s success just like the Cornes and Burgoynes. I really have no idea about this guy… there’s not much report about him. From what I’ve read he plays just like his brother, good on the lead, smart player and has a good mark and can also be used in the backlines. I’m sure people are hoping that he’d have a first-season like his brother but I really doubt it’d happen, especially a first season like his brother’s. It makes me feel better with people saying that he is the best player all of the Westhoffs, which if happens will give us many options to use with him. We can set up twin towers in the forward lines and have them kick goals after goals, or have have twin towers on either sides of the ground with Matty tearing apart opposition forwards and Justin tearing apart opposition defenders. We now dream and await a day for this to happen.

#49 – Mitch Farmer, 19yo, small defender, 179cm, 76kg, Vic Metro/Cader/Craigieburn
Mitch is a small rebounding defensive player who has very good disposals and a great ability to shutdown opposition small forwards. He is also known to have beaten our Robbie Gray in one of the TAC matches (i think), which is good news. Farmer was projected to be a 2nd rounder in the draft so we have another steal in our hands. He is also a hard nut who will give 150% so it shows that we went after some hard players and that we don’t need Greenwood. Some people believe that he could get a lot of games under his belt this year and that guys like Surjan, Lower and Thomas is underthreat. From the training reports, he isn’t even close as i expected. He has a long long way to even get close to the level of Surjan, Lower and Thomas so don’t expect him kicking them out of the 22 anytime soon.